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Detecting termites and other timber pests is a job for the professionals. A thorough inspection by a Safeside termite/timber pest specialist is the first and most important step in evaluating your potential property. Our experienced eyes can locate the specific areas in your structure where a termite attack is likely to occur.

Termites can be found in almost every region of Victoria. Even buildings with steel framing and masonry walls are targets because of wooden door and window frames, cabinets and shelving within buildings.

Termites can enter a building without direct wood contact with the soil through mudding tubes which the termites construct. Termites can enter buildings through cracks, expansion joints, hollow bricks, concrete blocks, or around plumbing or service penetrations.

Any building, whether constructed with a slab or crawl space foundation, can be a target for termite infestation.

All visual inspections are in accordance with AS4349.3 Inspection of Buildings Part 3: Timber Pest Inspections.

Through Safe Side termite control we can also design and provide a termite treatment/prevention plan for your house that will control or prevent any termite infestation. For subterranean termites, treatment options for existing structures may include soil treatment, dusting, baiting and monitoring, or a combination of these.

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